MobileNet Services is a leader in RF Engineering Services providing support and resources to America’s leading telecom operators across the United States. For more than a decade MobileNet has been a part of the evolution of mobile networks in North America from GSM to CDMA, EVDO, UMTS to HSPA+ and LTE and now Volte. Our diverse expertise has evolved with each technical advancement commercially deployed. Thriving as the best in optimization, MobileNet has contributed to the enhancement of customer networks with superior quality. Our reputation reflects our integrity in delivering services and building customer relationships that have flourished over time. Learn More





Our strength is in our employees! As a company that is constantly growing we focus on making sure our employees are growing with the company. At MobileNet, we want each individual to reach their full potential and create a long-term career with us. We encourage the professional growth of our people through mentoring, cross training and career development that helps our employees reach their goals and diversify their skills. MobileNet recognizes and values every employee’s contribution and looks forward to hiring the best candidates. Come join our growing team of industry leaders as we bridge the gap in telecom services for this new generation of connectivity and communication! Learn More


Our Clients


"MobileNet has done a phenomenal job partnering with Ericsson in this massive network wide UMTS and LTE retune. Appreciate your team's hard work, thorough planning, being able to provide 26 competent teams, professional and detailed communication on timely manner, positive attitude and understanding all the retune challenges we have experienced." Regional Project Manager, Ericsson
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"Gene- Thanks for a great 2013 partnership.  Your team members had a significant contribution to our success.  I really appreciate your teams stepping up to the challenge and adapting to our ever crazy demands.  Please convey my thanks to your extended teams including the drive teams. Looking forward to another great year."Director Pacific Northwest – Nokia
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"Thank you for your help, it's been a welcome change to not have to add poor walk data to the list of things we fight through on these projects. I am willing to be a reference to let anyone in Ericsson know about how well the job was done." RF CPM - AT&T AR/OK - Ericsson
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"I would like to extend my appreciation & thanks to all MNET engineers, they did a brilliant job and provided extraordinary day and night support that led to the success of this market." MO & KS Market Lead – Nokia
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"MobileNet has been very productive and helped us in making tremendous progress in the EVDO throughput project. They have been extremely professional and I really appreciate all their assistance. In the future if there are any projects coming up I will certainly be glad to have them back." System Performance Manager - Verizon Wireless
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"I really enjoy working with you guys. This is the best subcontractor I have ever worked with. Anyway, from my experience working with your team, I think ALU has chosen the right subcontractor for this market. I was working with others in Utah but they are not good like MobileNet is." RF Regional Lead – Nokia
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"Great work in collecting cluster drive data so far! The guys did an excellent job, we exceeded our target for sample collection by 3x. The post processed data shows better than expected sample density at most sites – thanks to your extra efforts, long days and weekends and good improvisation when needed.  Keep up the good work! " Manager / Midwest Team Lead - Ericsson
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"E911 Teams. There were many challenges to this project that took exceptional effort to find the right signal in order to perform your testing and you completed them in time… thank you!" Project Manager – Nokia
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"As human nature we tend to be more vocal when it comes to providing negative feedback/complain than appreciating about what we like with people we do business with. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you personally and your team/company for being professional, flexible, technically competent, having positive attitudes and listen to our concerns and take actions to excel. We are looking forward to 3X business in NCAL in 2016 and looking forward to working closely with your team." Customer Project Manager, Ericsson
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